Beauty and rejuvenation

Potential of traditional Chinese medicine

Beauty and youth are everlasting values.In the history of every civilization there is a chapter dedicated to search of formula to enrich human beauty and to prolong youth.

For thousands of years, methods of organic resistive actions against aging of the body and fading of beauty have been developed in traditional world cultures. Acupuncture for rejuvenation and elimination of wrinkles was already used at the court of the Chinese emperors. Procedures were performed both in men and women. Methods of rejuvenation in traditional Chinese medicine are fundamentally different from technologies and procedures considered the most advanced and applied in medical centers and beauty salons in the USA and Europe.

Is it really necessary to paralyze muscles with botox or go under the plastic surgeon’s knife, provided that you can look young without it? Traditional Chinese medicine has at its disposal methods allowing erasing years from your face safely, painlessly, without surgical intervention or injection of poisons into muscles. A facelift using acupuncture is a natural technique that will help you look and feel much younger than your years. This is a non-toxic health-promoting method, which has been time proved.

With age skin begins to suffer from the lack of moisture and lipids, blood microcirculation and metabolic processes in epidermis become impaired, face musculature weakens, skin gets thinner and, as a result, wrinkles occur. One of the most effective methods to defeat aging and delay it for many years is acupuncture cosmetology (needle therapy), traditional Chinese massage and phytotherapy.

Methods of rejuvenation in traditional Chinese medicine are so powerful that we can even talk about acupuncture body sculpting as an alternative to liposuction and surgical removal of excess skin and folds of fat. This reduces local fat deposit, “circumferences” in the area of the abdominal wall, thighs, buttocks, back, and neck.

КBy means of traditional Chinese medicine, complex rejuvenating programs restore body skin elasticity, and induce lasting lifting effect – tightening of body skin, including achievement of pronounced effect in case of significant sagging of skin of the abdomen, arms and thighs.

Rejuvenation by means of traditional Chinese medicine is a safe and painless, non-surgical method for reducing signs of aging. Although rejuvenation using needle therapy is often called a cosmetic procedure, in fact, it has a much broader effect. The whole body, but not just the face or separate body parts, is rejuvenated and renewed. You will be able to not only to look, but also feel much younger.


However, it is the XXI century outside… So, we naturally complement the experience of thousands of years with achievements of modern science, namely, such achievements that do not contradict principles of traditional Chinese medicine – maximum use of internal resources of the body itself without introduction of external inorganic elements.

As one of the elements of complex rejuvenating programs we use PRP therapy (in cosmetology its analogue isplasmolifting) – a cutting-edge innovative technology, which uses potential of human blood itself for amazing results of rejuvenation. This injection method relates to biotechnology and is based on use of hidden reserves of the body for cell regeneration.

A small amount of blood taken from a person is processed using high-tech equipment. Isolated plasma is enriched with human autologous platelets – cells with huge recovery recourses. Then, the resulting plasma is introduced to the patient using a series of micro-injections. Skin receives a powerful impetus for renewal.

The effect from PRP therapy is already noticeable after the first procedures. Skin continues to be renewed during several months and in order to reach the fullest possible effect of recovery it is necessary to undergo a course of several procedures.

Since PRP therapy is absolutely safe, the method of rejuvenation, which only uses the body’s own resources, is successfully applied for prevention of aging from the age of 30.

Youth and beauty are values that are definitely worth fighting for. But the choice of means is a subtle and delicate moment. Please, contact specialists of our Center for advice and they will suggest you the most optimal way to maintain youth and beauty through health improvement. We always look forward to your questions!

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