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Package program of treatment is a course of therapy (combination of methods and duration of therapy) indicated by the doctor due to results of diagnosis. Our site has pointed our clients attention to the two important peculiarities of traditional Chinese medicine: – it is always an integrated approach to health improvement; – it is always an individual approach to therapy indication for each particular person. It is the reason why we do not offer our clients “a tablet for pain”, “a miraculous injection of youth” or “a surgical intervention to eliminate the problem”. We try to study each particular case deeply and reveal the etiology of the disease, and then influence the organism in a system in order to eliminate the reason of the problem and to harmonize the condition of the whole organism. This therapy is always individual, as there are no two organisms that are the same. And it is the therapy that requires certain time, but it results in a long-term positive effect. If you have no experience with therapeutic methods of traditional Chinese medicine, you will probably want to get acknowledged with examples of our package programs. For this purpose below we demonstrate the structure of two courses of therapy, which are highly demanded and show excellent results.

The task to be solved

Methods of treatment

Short description of the method of treatment

Number of sessions

Trauma treatment (dislocations, sprains and tears of ligaments, muscle tears) and recovery after surgery on joints (shoulder joint, elbow joint, knee joint, ankle joint) Acupuncture Acupuncture (also acupunctural reflexotherapy, reflexotherapy, needle therapy, stylostixis) is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, when influence on the organism is carried out with special needles via particular points on the body through their incretion in these points and manipulations with them. It is thought that these points are located on meridians, along which «qi» («vital energy») circulates.


Thermopuncture ПIn case of chronic, continuous course of the disease, it is indicated to include thermopuncture (moxibustion / cautery) into the complex of reflexotherapy methods of treatment. Sources of heat with possibility of limited as for area of its thermal action of distant and contact types are used for thermopuncture. An example of distant thermopuncture is wormwood cigarette moxibustion, one of most convenient types of thermopuncture.


Prolonged auricular acupuncture Prolonged auricular acupuncture insertion of special tiny needles into the ear pavilion, which are left there for a certain period of time in order to prolong their therapeutic action.


Autohemopuncture Autohemopuncture : injections of own native or modified blood into acupuncture points.


Лечение геморроя Hirudotherapy Hirudotherapy – treatment of various human diseases using medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis). ). Hirudo – medicinal leech was used for blood-letting for many hundred years. Hippocrates ,Galen and Avicenna wrote about therapy with leeches. wrote about therapy with leeches.


Homeosinatry (Homeopuncture) A method of homeosinatry, , although being close as for its essence to the method of biopuncture, excludes any use of medications except for homeopathic ones, and is based on human “acupuncture map”, which has been known since ancient China.
Homeosinatry method allows combination of ancient knowledge about biologically active points and modern knowledge of homotoxicology (branch of homeopathy).


Phytotherapy Phytotherapy (arch. herbalism) is a method of treatment of various human diseases based on use of medicinal plants and complex medicines obtained from them. Methods of plant processing for production of phytopreparations are focused not in extraction of the active substance, but in maintaining the whole complex of active substances of the plant under conditions most close to their natural ones.


One more time we draw your attention to the fact that the list of diseases that are successfully cured by specialists of out Centre includes pathologies of practically any system of the human organism. And thus, there are more than twenty package programs in our arsenal. Turn to us for advice and help, and your body will be in good hands!

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