Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine

For the Center of traditional Chinese medicine in Kyiv, integrative medicine is not just a fashion statement, but an essential constituent of the whole concept of our work.

It should not surprise anyone that the Center committed to traditional principles and treatment instruments adheres to the concept of integrative medicine throughout its work and development. Traditionalism is “sound conservatism”, but not dogmatism. Yes, today integrative medicine is intensively developing worldwide. Its associations have been established in the USA, Canada, Brazil and many European countries. But it is China, where integrative medicine reached the most notable success and has already become an integral part of the state healthcare system. It is therefore consistently that we move forward in the same direction of development with native bearers of competencies of close to us traditional Chinese medicine.

What is integrative medicine

Integrative medicine is a field of medicine, where the symbiosis of technologies and methods of modern Western medicine and traditional medical practices (e.g., traditional Chinese medicine, Indian ayurveda, Tibetan medicine) is used during disease diagnostics and treatment.

Advantages of this field are obvious for all those, who agree with the opinion that each of the medical systems has its own strong and weak sides. Thus, Western medicine with its technological know-hows is the most effective when providing emergency medical care and carrying out complex surgical procedures. Traditional Chinese medicine allows for more accurate determination of the disease cause, as well as the nature of local pathological changes, timely monitoring of changes, occurring in the body in the course of treatment, provides excellent results in treatment of chronic diseases, in rehabilitation and restoration of impaired functions of the body.

However integrative medicine is not just a sum of methods and means of different medical systems. Integrative medicine is the synergy of efforts of various medical philosophical schools, which results in occurrence of “spiritualized technology”– pragmatic and focused on the fast effect as Western medicine, at the same time maximally aimed at use of life forces of the human body itself as Eastern medicine.

That is why our medical personnel have education and work experience both in the field of modern Western medicine and in the field of traditional Eastern medical systems. Our experts are well-versed in diagnostic approaches, drugs and methods of modern Western medicine. In addition to this, they provide the patient who has come for consultation with complex examination pursuant to the canons of Eastern medicine. According to total results of diagnostics the doctor indicates treatment program and writes prescription for the drug, taking into account all information obtained. This comprehensive approach increases effectiveness of treatment, and accordingly, promotes healing.

We fully agree that integrative medicine is not the subject for scientific debate about the benefits of any given medicine, but an opportunity to use advantages of both medical systems for the benefit of human health!

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