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The Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a centre of health, vigor, energy, and longevity, which is located in the very geographic centre of Europe, in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

For more than 10 years people, who seek help, are cured in our Centre from a wide range of illnesses – from headaches to female sterility. People turn to us not only for health, but also for rejuvenation and beauty, because traditional Chinese medicine is a real goldmine for those, who want to maintain freshness of body and spirit. Even the name of the Centre fully reflects its concept and therapeutic methods used: they are traditional methods of Chinese medicine, namely: Acupuncture (needle therapy), Thermopuncture (moxibustion / cautery), Hirudopuncture (application of leeches on acupuncture points), Autohemopuncture (injections of patient’s own blood into acupuncture points), Homeopuncture/Homeosinatry (injections of homeopathic remedies into acupuncture points), Manual therapy, Phytotherapy, etc.

In addition to classic methods, the Centre employs modern innovative methods, where a thousand-year experience of traditional Chinese medicine is closely connected with technological opportunities of the XXI century, for example, PRP-therapy: a method of plasma injections acquired from patient’s own blood into body tissues. Injections of placenta extract are also used at the Centre. These technologies show good results in cosmetology, rehabilitation, and other spheres.

If you are not ready for a far journey to the Celestial Empire in order to gain health and longevity, you can acquire them in the centre of Europe at the Centre of traditional Chinese medicine in Kiev. During the first years of work, our clients were mainly Kievans. Today, we receive guests from various corners of Ukraine, EU countries and even Canada.

Welcome! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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